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Medal Yearbook 2024 Standard



The 2024 version of the acclaimed MEDAL YEARBOOK is now available to order! This year we are going back to basics with this standard soft back version covering only non-commercial British Medals, this allows us to get the price below £20 again and as it's 360 pages (against the hardback's 696) it cuts down on postage costs too. The deluxe hardback version will have everything that's in the softback PLUS the Medals of the Irish Republic, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa. It will also feature the unofficial medals that are popping up in groups more and more as well as the professional directories and the cumulative index to Medal News magazine - this will also be available as a digital download from our website. Both versions of this year's book will, of course, feature the medals of His Majesty King Charles III for the first time - with a special section on the obverses being used.