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Features include: numismatic news; a what's on section that lets collectors know about fairs, societies, auctions etc.; an ancients section; market scene - where you can find out what has been happening in the sale rooms; information on tokens; numismatic book reviews; a banknote section and a directory that allows readers to see what lists the main dealers are offering that month - as well as a host of other features of interest to both the serious and not-so-serious collector.

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The front cover of Coin News, Volume 57, Number 7, July 2020

Gold Coin for a Celtic King

July 2020

Cashing out ONE of the knock on effects of the Coronavirus pandemic has been the reduction in cash use. Those shops that have stayed open have either discouraged people spending notes and coins or banned them completely. Ostensibly this aversion to cash has been to help “stop the spread” of the virus which, apparently, can live on surfaces for a day, or three days, or seven, or maybe not at...

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