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The MEDAL YEARBOOK 2021 will be launched on October 5!

Fully revised and updated, the acclaimed MEDAL YEARBOOK 2021, price guide and collector's handbook will once again come in two formats - both contain all the medals ever issued in Britain and the Empire (from the earliest orders right up to the 21st century) with the HARDBACK deluxe version also including the modern medals of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa!

The book covers Orders of Chivalry, Gallantry awards, Campaign Medals, Long Service Medals, Life-saving Awards, Unofficial medals and so much more besides - as well as including a full cumulative index to MEDAL NEWS magazine!

...and all for just £19.95/£29.95 that’s the SAME PRICE as last year!

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Coins, Banknotes & Tokens

Features include: numismatic news; a "what's on" section that lets collectors know about fairs, societies, auctions etc.; an "ancients" section; "market scene" - where you can find out what has been happening in the sale rooms; information on tokens; numismatic book reviews; a banknote section and a directory that allows readers to see what lists the main dealers are offering that month.

Latest Issue

The front cover of Coin News, September 2020 - Volume 57, Number 9

Noble Endeavours

Volume 57, Number 9 / September 2020

A bid in the hand THIS MONTH we feature a letter from Michael Naxton, emeritus curator of the Lord Ashcroft medal collection but also well known to many in the coin world too from his time working at various major auction houses. His letter was originally sent to our sister magazine MEDAL NEWS but is included in this issue of COIN NEWS because we think it pertinent to the coin hobby too. You can read the letter yourself on page 83 but, to summarise, Michael is bemoaning the lack of printed catalogues being produced by auction houses at the moment. Michael fully understands why printed...

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Medals & Military History

The worlds' only independent magazine devoted to medals and battles. Published 10 times per year, the magazine features articles, news, auction reports and the world renowned Medal Tracker service, invaluable when searching for lost medals and trying to re-unite broken groups. This service, like the classified advertising, is free to subscribers. Also included is the "what's on" section that lets collectors know about fairs, societies, auctions etc.

Latest Issue

The front cover of Medal News, September 2020 - Volume 58, Number 8

Valour rewarded

Volume 58, Number 8 / September 2020

Looking back at it THE biggest story in the medal world this month has to be the decision of the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to recommend to Her Majesty the Queen that 18-year-old Ordinary Seaman Teddy Sheean of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) should be posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions in December 1942 when he strapped himself to an anti-aircraft gun on board HMAS Armidale and carried on shooting at the Japanese fighters that had attacked the ship even as she sank (see “News and Views”, page 6). That Sheean’s actions were incredibly courageous is not in...

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Latest News

Falklands DCM at DNW sells for £130,000

An important Falkland's War DCM group of six medals awarded to Sergeant, later Captain, J. S. Pettinger, of the 3rd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment, who distinguished himself on countless occasions, whilst serving as Patrol Commander D (Patrol) Company during 11 days of operations in and around...

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It's a mystery - new Agatha Christie Coin coming soon

The Royal Mint, in collaboration with Agatha Christie Limited (who knew that was a thing??) is celebrating ‘100 years of Mystery’ with a new commemorative £2 coin. The £2 coin, which won't go into circulation, coincides with the centenary of Dame Agatha Christie’s first novel, The Mysterious...

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Back to Bloomsbury!

John Philpotts, organiser of the Bloomsbury Coin Fair is very pleased to announce that he will be resuming his regular fairs starting next month. Plans are firmly underway for the October 3 fair with the show opening at 9.30 am and last entry at 2.00pm. General admission is £2. Visit ...

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