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Features include: numismatic news; a "what's on" section that lets collectors know about fairs, societies, auctions etc.; an "ancients" section; "market scene" - where you can find out what has been happening in the sale rooms; information on tokens; numismatic book reviews; a banknote section and a directory that allows readers to see what lists the main dealers are offering that month.

Latest Issue

The front cover of Coin News, October 2020 - Volume 57, Number 10

Tudor treasures

Volume 57, Number 10 / October 2020

Back at it! IT IS with great gladness, even relief, that we can report that the Bloomsbury Coin Fair is back on! The first show of the new “numismatic season”, usually ushered in by Coinex, will take place at the usual venue, the Royal National Hotel in Bloomsbury, London on October 3. As luck would have it COIN NEWS can’t actually attend that day (a family birthday celebration, already organised) but we would have loved to have been there, if only to try to start feeling that things were “back to normal”. They won’t be entirely normal of course, the show’s organisers are instituting a...

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Medals & Military History

The worlds' only independent magazine devoted to medals and battles. Published 10 times per year, the magazine features articles, news, auction reports and the world renowned Medal Tracker service, invaluable when searching for lost medals and trying to re-unite broken groups. This service, like the classified advertising, is free to subscribers. Also included is the "what's on" section that lets collectors know about fairs, societies, auctions etc.

Latest Issue

The front cover of Medal News, October 2020 - Volume 58, Number 9

One man's passion

Volume 58, Number 9 / October 2020

Latest News

New diversity 50p launched

The Royal Mint has unveiled a brand new circulating coin, a 50p celebrating the "diversity which built Britain".  There are, apparently, more designs celebrating diversity and inclusivity set to follow. The Royal Mint has also been working in partnership with the West India Committee to offer a...

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Crimea rarities at DNW

A fine Crimean War Naval Victoria Cross group of four (pictured below) awarded to Australian resident and Seaman James Gorman of HMS  Albion , for his gallantry while defending the Right Lancaster Battery at the Battle of Inkermann on November 5, 1864 sold for £297,600 at Dix Noonan Webb in their...

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November Britannia Show Cancelled

As we have perhaps been expecting, the news has just come through that DNW's Britannia Fair, scheduled for November 15 in London, has fallen foul of the Coronavirus restrictions with the Victory Services Club in Seymour Street unable to host the event as they have put a limit of just thirty people...

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