Medal News

Volume 38, Number 3, March 2000

Mightier than the sword

Volume 38, Number 3, March 2000

IN LAST month's magazine we asked readers to let us know what sort of things they wanted to see in MEDAL NEWS, and so far the response has been both interesting and gratifying. The consensus of opinion seems to be that all collectors want more features on their particular field of interest but most recognise that we cannot please all of the people all of the time and, with that proviso in mind, believe that we are doing a fine job. We will of course endeavour to include as many articles as possible on popular actions and campaigns but we were surprised and pleased to learn that many of you enjoy reading about the more obscure battles and acts of heroism that, whilst not in your particular collecting area, still appeal simply from an historical interest point of view. It seems that people like what we publish, whether close to their hearts or not. With this in mind we are now seeking to broaden our range of published works with a number of new books currently in the pipeline. We know from our experience with this magazine and our other titles that collectors will eagerly soak up as much information as can be imparted to them and whilst the military book market is well catered for - you only have to look at our book review page each month and the section on researching your medals in the MEDAL YEARBOOK to see the wealth of titles available - the nature of the subject is such that there is always room for something new, be it a new slant on an old topic or a previously unresearched area. Our proposed new titles cover a wide and diverse range of subjects that include, the Devon Regiment, Special Forces, Foreign awards and (perhaps surprisingly considering the wealth of titles published during the past anniversary year) a new look at the Boer war. The majority of these new titles have been put forward to us after our request for manuscripts appeared in the MEDAL YEARBOOK. It is a request we would like to repeat here - if you are a writer and would like to have your work published we are always happy to consider both articles and longer pieces related to the medal hobby in some way. Any topics that would be of interest to our readers we would be interested in publishing and will be producing a number of new works in the coming months. Of course this is not a one-way request and as well as hearing from writers we would welcome any comments regarding what topics our readers want to see. Keep those letters coming in.

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