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Spend it? Save it? 3rd edition - Token Publishing Shop
  • Spend it? Save it? 3rd edition - Token Publishing Shop

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Spend it? Save it? 3rd edition


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Are you hunting the Gruffalo? Are you questing for Kew? Are you hoping to save the Olympic Swimmer? Is that coin in your pocket really worth what the papers say it is? If you are collecting new issue coins, or just want to know the value of the coins in your pocket, then Spend It? Save It? is for you! The brand new edition of this handy little guide is AVAILABLE NOW and once again features up-to-date prices for all the coins you can find in your change (as well as one or two that you can't anymore and a few you're not supposed to!) Complete with a handy checklist to allow you to tick off your coins as you're collecting them Spend It? Save it? will ensure you don't get caught out by all the hype whilst at the same time telling you what you should be looking out for - did you know, for example, that there is a 2p piece worth nearly £1000 and different dates but the same design hon certain 50ps? Have you got a rarity in that jar at home you keep your small change in? You just never know! NEW PRICE £5.00!!