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Honour the Officers - slightly worn - Token Publishing Shop
  • Honour the Officers - slightly worn - Token Publishing Shop

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Honour the Officers - slightly worn

Medal and Military History Books

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HONOUR THE OFFICERS is an incredible book from Michael Maton giving a FULL LIST of all British and Empire (Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, Indian et al) Officers awarded gallantry medal and decorations during World War I. At over 850 pages with over 60,000 names detailed, this phenomenal tome is an essential reference work for medal collectors, military enthusiasts or family historians. All officers for all forces (Armies, Navies and Air services) are listed alphabetically by surname with details that include their Christian name(s), rank at the time of award, highest rank achieved during WWI, the Unit/Regiment/Ship etc. to which they were attached, the type of award, the theatre of war in which the award was won, the date the award was Gazetted and the page number for that London Gazette should the researcher wish to check out the citation etc. Also included are some extremely important statistical tables giving a detailed analysis and breakdown of the awards. Nobody interested in military research or World War I can afford to be without this book. ISBN: 978 1870192 880 We have a few copies of this title with minor damage to the corners/dust jacket etc. All pages are intact, binding is fine. All damage is cosmetic and usually comes about through taking the books to fairs etc. where they get dropped, get moved from box to box etc. None of it is serious but we still cannot sell them as new - so we're selling them more cheaply! But hurry, stocks are very limited (we don't damage that many books!) and once they're gone they're gone!