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Objects of War

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Numismatically coins and medals share a heritage but it isn’t often that the two worlds overlap – apart from occasionally at coin fairs and, of course in the Token Publishing offices! In this new book by Dr Kevin Clancy, Curator of the Royal Mint Museum, however, the connection between war and money is thrown into sharp relief. Objects of War, subtitled Currency in a time of conflict, looks at the role of money, both coins and banknotes, in relation to war – whether that is financing warfare, the changing face of a currency in wartime (think the replacement of sovereigns with banknotes in World War II and the changing colours of the £1 note in World War II), images of war and warriors on currency, coins saving lives on the battlefield or the use of money as propaganda, Dr Clancy has covered it all. Profusely illustrated in full colour throughout, with some stunning pieces from the museum itself, this is a fascinating look at money in relation to warfare and will be of great interest to readers of COIN NEWS and MEDAL NEWS alike! £25 Softback