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A TOKEN TITLE SECOND EDITION This is the Second Edition of the first of Michael Maton's "Honour the..." Series The Second World War was unlike any other conflict in one very important way. It was the first time where air power played a vital if not decisive role. There can be no doubt that if the RAF and its allies had not won the Battle of Britain and gained supremacy of the skies over Britain in the late summer of 1940, then the war would have had a very different outcome. However the war in the air was not over with that single battle, nor was it just fought over the white cliffs of Dover. The RAF and the allied air forces continued their fight for another five long years, many brave men paid the ultimate price and many more were recognised for their bravery and distinguished service in the air and on the ground. "Honour the Air Forces”, an important work by Australian author Michael Maton, lists, for the first time, the names of over 40,000 recipients of gallantry and distinguished service awards made during the Second World War to members of the RAF and Dominion Air Forces, together with their service number, rank, honours awarded, London Gazette reference and the squadron or unit in which they served. The book also lists the conventions used in establishing which awards and which individuals have been included together with other relevant material on the awards, each of which is described in a separate chapter with a number of citations shown in order to give the reader an idea of the events which led to such awards being bestowed.. There are a number of important tables showing the distribution of awards between the various air forces, by each year of the war, by rank and by squadron. There is also a table showing the number of multiple award combinations. Much of this statistical information has never been published before. This hard cased A4 publication is a fascinating book and is essential for anyone interested in the Second World War or the Air Forces. It is a must have reference work for any collector specialising in Air Force medals. ISBN: 978 1908828 095