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Asst Surgeon T B Davis MGS

Posted on Tue, 3 June 2014 by Phil Mussell - General News, Medal News

Back in 2009 we issued a STOP THIEF alert regarding a medal that was stolen in a burglary in Bridport - an MGS to Asst Surgeon T B Davis. It later transpired that this medal, and we believe the accompanying Crimea Medal, had in fact been pawned by the owner and was not part of the robbery. We removed the news piece from the website but of course Google searches and similar still bring up the "ghost" of the thread even though it no longer exists...

These medals are up for sale at Whitton and Laing, Exeter with the MGS at least having already been through Morton and Eden in 2009, we have been contacted regarding it and the removed news item and can assure our readers it is NOT a stolen medal - it is perfectly "sound" as the following from Dorset Police testifies...

Thanks also from me for the time taken and your 'eagle eye' in spotting

details of the stolen medal.

However, the medal was not stolen during the burglary but was pawned by the

owner some time before it was sold so it has been legitimately sold at the

auction in 2009.

I was not aware that an article had been entered on Token Publishing and was

not even aware that it existed!  I would be grateful if you could remove the

article as the medals detailed are not stolen.

Kind regards

Brian Puttock


Bridport Police Station