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Winston Churchill to grace the new £5

Posted on Tue, 30 April 2013 by Phil Mussell - General News, Banknote News

reverse of the new note.jpg

We won't get it for a while but when we do the new £5 note will bear the face of Sir Winston Churchill - arguably one of the finest, and most recognisable of all Britons.

The new note, which won't grace our purses, wallets or ATMs until 2016, will feature the face of "Winnie" taken from a photograph by Yousuf Karsh in 1941, in the background will be the palace of Westminster and the newly named "Elizabeth Tower" - more familiarly (if incorrectly) known as Big Ben. The clock on the tower shows 3.00pm - the approximate time Churchill delivered his "blood, toil, tears and sweat" speech on May 13 1940. Part of the speech is featured on the note. Also seen is Churchill's 1953 Nobel Prize for literature.

It should be noted that the choice of note - the £5 - and the date of issue - 2016 - may be subject to change.