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New £50 - at last

Posted on Wed, 2 November 2011 by Phil Mussell - General News, Banknote News

Back in 2009 we were able to preview the "new" £50 featuring Watt and Boulton. The banknote world was very excited about this new design, featuring as it did two of the greats of engineering (not to mention Boulton's contributions to numismatics with the creation of the Soho Mint), but then nothing happened. The new note never materialised and whilst we mentioned it again in the BANKNOTE YEARBOOK there was no definitive date for its launch. Well now we can report that it IS in circulation - the design is as expected using the familiar red colouring however it does feature a new signature - that of Chris Salmon who replaced Andrew Bailey as Chief Cashier of the Bank of England back in April. For more information take a look at the BBC's website