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Afghanistan Medal for Civilians

Posted on Fri, 10 June 2011 by Phil Mussell - General News, Medal News

A new medal has been announced for those civilians serving in Afghanistan. Similar in intent to the Iraq Reconstruction service Medal (MYB 204C) this new award recognises service by civilians and others involved in the transition to democracy in Afghanistan. It will be awarded to all those who have completed 30 days continuous service in Afghanistan since November 19 2001(or 45 days of service on working visits within Afghanistan aggregated over a period of one calendar year, provided that the visits are for a minimum of 48 hours each.) The grant of a British honour, decoration or medal (other than the Operational Service Medal Afghanistan and the Accumulated Campaign Service Medal) for services on operations during the qualifying period not amounting to the qualifying criteria specified above, will also qualify the recipient for an award. As is common if qualifying service is brought to an end before completion of the specified qualifying period on account of death, capture, wounding or other disability due to service in Afghanistan, then the award will be given. For more details see MEDAL NEWS August