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Medal Yearbook Pictures needed

Posted on Wed, 30 March 2011 by Alyson Thomas - Medal News

Pictures of the following medals are required to bring the MEDAL YEARBOOK up to date. If you are able to help with a high resolution picture (or indeed anb original medal) please do let us know by emailing or calling 01404 46972 - thanks!


27 Distinguished Service Order 

49 Kings Police Medal South Africa

54 Distinguished Service Medal 

63 Queens Gallantry Medal really 

68 Sea Gallantry Medal (Foreign Services) 

93 Naval Gold Medal

107 Candahar, Ghunzee, Cabul Medal 

133  General Gordon’s Star from the siege of Khartoum

136  Imperial British East Africa Company’s Medal 

147a  Uganda Star   

164 India General Service Medal - Edward VII

174 General Service Medal 1918-62 - Northern Kurdistan

176A Sudan Defence Force General Service Medal

196 South Africa Medal for Korea

198A Operational Service Medal 2000

203C Kings Hussein Medal

206b European Community Monitoring Mission Medal

208 Royal Naval Meritorious Service Medal

209 Royal Marines Meritorious Service Medal

210 Army Meritorious Service Medal

217 Royal Household Faithful Service Medals

218 Royal Naval Long service and good conduct

220 Royal Naval reserve long service and good conduct

221 Royal Naval volunteer reserve long service and good conduct

223 Royal Fleet Reserve Long Service and Good Conduct

239 Army Emergency Reserve Effiency medal

242H Air Transport Auxiliary Lapel Badge

247 Colonial Auxiliary Forces Long Service Medal

248 Colonial Long Service and good conduct Medal

252 Trans-Jordon Frontier Force Long Service and Good Conduct Medal

254A Royal Hong Kong Regiment Disbandment Medal

256 Victoria Volunteer Long and Efficient service medal 1st type obv

278 Ceylon Police Medal for Merit

279a Royal Falkland Islands Police Jubilee Medal

281A Hong Kong Disciplined Services Medal

286A Association of Professional Fire Brigade Officers Long service Medal

286B British Fire Services Association Medal

291AA NATO Meritorious Service Medal

293  Jubilee Medal 1887

299a Lagos Diamond Jubilee Medal

300a Visit to Colonies Medal

308a Visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales to India

312b Visit of the Prince of Wales to India 1921-22

318 Golden Jubilee Medal 2002

327 Indian title badge

353 Automobile Association Service Medal

357 New Zealand Cadet District Medal  

364 Royal Warrant Holders Medal Association Medal

L2 Glasgow Humane Society Medal

L26 Humane Society of New Zealand Medals

L41 Southern Railway Meritorious Service Medal

Foreign Medals found in British Groups:

Belgium: Decoration Miniature

France: Medaille Militaire

Greece: Greek War Cross

C41 Ontario Medal for Firefighters’ Bravery

C42 Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal

SA47 75th Anniversary Medal