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Coinex soon

Posted on Mon, 10 September 2018 by Phil Mussell - General News, Coin News

Yes the "season" starts with a bang at the end of this month with the BNTA's flagship COINEX show being held at the County Hall, London (the usual venue of the Millennium Hotel is undergoing a refit). This will be the 40th anniversary show and will be a much bigger event with many more tables available as a one off to invited dealers from outside the BNTA. 

Taking place on Friday September 28 from 11.00am (admission just £5 or free with your ticket from COIN NEWS magazine) and Saturday September 29 (from 10.00am with free admission) the show is always a popular one and once again we're using it to launch our COIN YEARBOOK, and we will have the new SPEND IT? SAVE IT? book with us too! We'll see you there...