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Rare Civilian Awards

Posted on Fri, 20 August 2010 by Carol - General News, Medal News

Gavin John Miller and Dean Seaward are the latest civilian recipients of the Queen’s Gallantry Medal. Miller received the award for rescuing a fire fighting colleague from a burning building on November 1, 2003. While attending a fire at an hotel, a fireman fell through the roof of the storeroom into the flames below. Crew Commander Miller entered the storeroom to rescue his colleague. Sadly the colleague he rescued later died and Miller was treated for heat exhaustion and burns but made a full recovery. Firefighter Dean Seaward rescued a family of three from a burning building on November 25, 2008. Using simple ladders, Seaward rescued one adult male before returning along a narrow ridge to rescue the man’s wife and son. Full details are recorded on The London Gazette no. 59498, dated Tuesday July 27, 2010 (Supplement no. 1).