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Medal of Honor for living recipient?

Posted on Fri, 2 July 2010 by Phil Mussell - General News, Medal News

According to the Washington Post the Pentagon has recommended that the Medal of Honor - the US Military's highest Award - be given to a living recipient for the first time since the Vietnam conflict. The Soldier, fighting in the notorious Korengal Valley in Afghanistan apparently ran through a "Wall of Enemy Fire" back in 2007 in an attempt to push back Taliban fighters who were threatening to overrun an American position.At this stage the name of the Soldier is not known but those of you who have read Sebastian Junger's excellent book War about the horrors of the Korengal Valley may well be familiar with the name when it is announced. In the book Junger talks about a soldier named Giunta who dashes through a "Wall of Lead" to rescue a comrade and help secure the position so it may well be him - that's just a guess mind you...!


Added July 5 2010 - it seems someone else has been reading the same book as me. Have a look here