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Who next for notes?

Posted on Fri, 2 July 2010 by Phil Mussell - General News, Banknote News

With the phasing out of the "Elgar" note we now have the situation that the £50, £10 and £5 are from one "series" with the £20 from the next - which must mean that somewhere in the corridors of the Bank of England there is someone whose job it is to draw up a shortlist of those figures who will, in time, grace the other new notes when they are finally issued.

Given that we now have a Scotsman on the Bank of England £20 (an oddity considering the Scottish Banks have their own currency and their notes always features Scots) who we wonder will be next to grace the pound in our pockets? Is their room for a Welsh icon perhaps? A Northern Irish "celebrity" anyone? (dear God not Eamon Holmes please).

We await the announcement with interest - although at this stage we have no idea when that announcement may come. Watch this space!