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When is a coin not a coin...? When it's treasure of course

Posted on Thu, 4 March 2010 by Phil Mussell - General News, Coin News

The story of the Ludlow woman who took a "coin" into her local museum, was told it was of historical significance and that she should hand it in but didn't - incurring the wrath of the Coroner and a subsequent criminal record has split the numismatic world.


Were the authorities just being jobsworths or was Kate Harding pushing her luck? After all she'd taken it to a museum so the authorities were aware of the coin (actually a French piedfort) so to not follow it up by declaring it, even when she was told too was pretty silly - wasn't it?

Have a look at the story here  and tell us what you think. Yes I was taken out of context but the crux of my argument is still valid!