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Postal Strike

Posted on Tue, 13 October 2009 by Phil Mussell - General News, Coin News, Medal News, Banknote News

Whatever your thoughts on the looming industrial action by postal workers are the fact is that a strike will inconvenience most of us - those of us trying to run a mail order business most of all. In order to minimise the impact of the strikes we are looking at alternative means of getting books and magazines out to our customers (larger orders already go by courier) so please don't stop ordering just because you fear things may not arrive - they will - I promise!

Overseas customers will not be affected as we don't use the Royal Mail for any international post.

And of course for our subscribers there is always the FREE digital magazine - a web based version of COIN NEWS or MEDAL NEWS identical to the paper version but with added hot links for websites and email. If you haven't signed up for it (it's totally free for UK and World Airmail/European subscribers) then let us know your email address straight away and we'll do the rest!