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"Elizabeth Cross" announced

Posted on Wed, 1 July 2009 by Phil Mussell - General News, Medal News

Elizabeth Cross.jpg

A new "medal" akin to the Canadian and New Zealand Memorial Crosses has been announced. The "Elizabeth Cross", looking very much like the Memorial Crosses is the first medal for 60 years to bear the name of the reigning Monarch and will be given to the families and next of kin of all those killed on duty from September 1945 (Palestine) up to the present day - it is estimated that around 8,000 families will be eligible for the new award.


At this stage it is understood that the medal will take the form of a brooch with pin suspension rather than with a ribbon and only one (along with a miniature) will be issued - to the Next of Kin of the deceased. In the case of a married serviceman or woman that will mean their husband or wife but in unmarried cases it appears that the father will be the recipient. In this day and age with so many divorces and broken families that is sure to be a contentious issue - how long we wonder before "official copies" are available....?


See here for further details