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The coin with no date!

Posted on Mon, 29 June 2009 by Phil Mussell - General News, Coin News

Incredibly this is suddenly big news - but we broke the story back in December 2008!

Here's what we had to say back then......

Check your change everybody - after 25 years (the last instance being with the 1983 New Pence/Two pence reverse) the Royal Mint have let a mule slip through their usually strict quality control!

The 20p coin has been minted with the old obverse and new "jigsaw puzzle" reverse so of course it has no date - at this stage we don't know how many coins got out but it won't be many so start looking!

As far as we're aware this is the first time, since the advent of milled coinage certainly, that a circulating coin has appeared with no date.

A Royal Mint spokesperson said:

“The Royal Mint can confirm that a small number of new design 20 pence coins have been incorrectly struck using the obverse from the previous design, resulted in these coins having no date.

“The issue has now been resolved and the Royal Mint would like to reassure members of the public that these coins are legal tender.

“Prior to the new reverse designs which were launched in April 2008, the date appeared on the reverse side of the 20p. As the date on the new designs has been moved to the obverse side, minting the coin with the new reverse but previous obverse has meant no date appears on the coin.”

We understand that currently these coins are being bought by the London Mint Office at £50 each!