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Great New Book!

Posted on Tue, 20 November 2007 by Phil Mussell - Medal News

Researching military history.JPG
You're obviously Internet "savvy" - you're reading this on-line after all, but no matter how good you are with the web it can be a frustrating place to be at times.

We've all been there - we're doing a bit of research, try to search for something that we're sure is out there somewhere but to no avail. Soon what should have been a simple five minute browse becomes a full on marathon and we're left tearing our hair out

Well those days are gone with the publication of Researching British Military History on the Internet! Essentially this book is a directory of all the best Military history websites and could save you hours of trawling round the 'net - well worth a look, especially as it's only £12.50!

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