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Ray Brough

Posted on Tue, 12 June 2007 by Phil Mussell - Medal News

We extend our best wishes for a speedy recovery to Ray Brough - organiser of the Bromley Fair and Speedbid.

He was involved in a very nasty hit and run on the Sunday after the Bromley fair and is still in hospital having suffered severe breaks to his left leg and foot and massive bruising of his back and chest. Thankfully the injuries are not life threatening and he does hope to be out of hospital and at least hobbling about before the next Bromley fair in August.

In the meantime he does ask anyone who is involved in bidding or selling on Speedbid, or who has queries regarding the Bromley fair, to be patient as he is without internet access/a mobile phone at present. All emails/calls will be returned as soon as he is able.