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Armed Robbery

Posted on Thu, 27 January 2005 by Phil Mussell - General News, Coin News

We have received reports of an armed robbery at Coin dealer Mark Davidson's home, apparently Mark was duped by two bogus policemen then tied up and robbed of some of his best items these included:

James II 5 guineas slabbed (more info to follow)
Several 1887 £5 & £2
Guineas George III & earlier
USA $5,10,20.
IOM Angels
2 x Maple leaves
Various early sovs
Unc sovs 2000-2004 in sheets
Stainless steel rolex watch

Crown 1663 bright Good EF
Crown 1687 choice
Crown 1695 OCTAVO S3470, ESC 87 Unc or near so and retaining some original brilliance
Crown 1700 DVODECIMO Good EF with underlying mint bloom and a few flecks of haymarking S3474
Crown 1821 SECUNDO Choice even grey tone toned
Crown 1845 choice grey tone
Crown 1847 Gothic choice, toned
Crown 1893 LVI EF
Crown 1893 LVII Unc
Crown 1894 LVIII Unc lovely tone only the odd minor bag mark prevents the piece being choice
Crown 1960
Crown Good EF some original brilliance strong strike
Farthing 1719 EF with a hint of lustre reverse, pleasing S3662
Five Guineas 1686
Five Guineas 1700
Five Guineas 1729 NGC MS63 as further certification ensues this piece will surely prove to be high or top of the population statistics
Half Noble Edward III Treaty Series S1506 EF
Half Sov 1899 Unc
Half Sov 1915s Unc
Halfcrown 1698 DECIMO ESC 554 better than EF with some original brilliance, some flecks of haymarking obverse
Halfcrown 1917 Unc
Halfcrown no problems Unc with some originally brillaince, as godd as you will see for this date
Halfpenny 1685 James II in Tin Obverse No Stop after SECVNDVS. BMC 539.
NVMMORVM FAMVLVS (5 pointed mullets). Weight 11.07g. With the exception of a few small spots of corrosion, this piece is practically as struck with almost full tin lustre, even on the edge, which is complete and intact. Ex Cooke's Nicholson sale Cooke stated ".... it is difficult to imagine an example in a finer state of preservation"
Halfpenny 1753 PCGS AU58
Halfpenny 1868 Cupro-Nickel Proof
Penny 1825 Proof in copper pleasing aFDC with a hint of lustre and rare
Penny 1855 Unc lustre
Rose Ryal James I Second Coinage 1605-06 mint mark Rose S2613 pleasing Good VF or better and ex Garrett sale. London Coins Nov 2004 Lot 662
Shilling 1856 EF
Sixpence 1675/4 NGC MS65

for further information - or if you get offered any of these coins please contact Graeme Monk on

Thankfully Mark, co-organiser of the Davidson-Monk Fair is unharmed, although shaken, we wish him all the best.