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Medal For Suez Veterans at last

Posted on Mon, 16 June 2003 by Phil Mussell - Medal News

After half a century it has finally been announced that a clasp to the Naval General Service Medal 1915-62 and General Service Medal 1918-62 is to be issued to those who saw service during the Suez Crisis 1951-54.

In what is an undoubted Victory for veterans who have campaigned long and hard for medallic recognition Tony Blair confirmed, during Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday June 11 2003, that the clasp was to be awarded. The exact Criteria for qualification are to be announced at a later date.

Partly because the exact criteria have not yet been agreed upon and partly for other reasons the MOD is requesting that Veterans don't apply for their medals just yet! According to our MOD source additional stocks of the NGSM and GSM have to be procured, the clasp itself has to be manufactured and delivered to the medal issuing bodies and, once the qualifying criteria have been announced the service files for all claimants must be recovered from Departmental archives and a careful check of eligibilty carried out.

The very nature of this endeavour means that whilst it is hoped to issue the medals this year no promises are being made.

We will of course keep you up to date and let veterans, and their next of kin, know when and to where they should apply for this long awaited award.

It is expected that the claps will bear the words CANAL ZONE