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New coins from the Royal Mint

Posted on Mon, 4 January 2021 by Phil Mussell - General News, Coin News

2021 Annual Sets 3.jpg

The Royal Mint has, today, announced its designs for 2021 they include:

  • The 95th Birthday of Her Majesty the Queen on a £5
  • 250th Anniversary of the birth of Sir. Walter Scott on a £2
  • The life and work of John Logie Baird on a 50p
  • The 50th Anniversary of Decimal Day 2021 on a 50p
  • The life and work of H.G. Wells 2021 on a £2

The Decimal Day 50p is of particular interest as it goes back to using the Arnold Machin portrait that was first used on the "New Pence" coins back in 1968/69 (the 50p,10p, and 5p were brought in before decimalisation itself was introduced in 1971). Unfortunately, as well as the Logie Baird 50p and the £2 coins will only be available in year sets and will not be issued for circulation. 

Decimalisation 50p reverse

decimal 50p