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Half price postage

Posted on Thu, 5 November 2020 by Phil Mussell - General News, Coin News, Medal News, Banknote News

We aren't daft here at Token Publishing (really we're not, honest) and we know that one of the main reasons people don't buy direct from our website and would rather go to a bookshop or see us at a show, is postage. Unfortunately, the cost of sending a book out has been spiralling ever upwards in recent years and we know it adds a decent size chunk onto any order, hence the preference for buying at shows, shops etc. 

Until December 2 though, in England at least, visiting most shops isn't an option (and the shows are all off) so if you want to buy a book mail order is the only way. This being the case we thought we'd help out a little (only a little, sorry, blame the Royal Mail for us not being able to afford to give you everything post free!) by offering HALF PRICE POSTAGE (on ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING IN OUR ONLINE STORE!) until lockdown ends on December 2 (no cynicism please - if it's extended we'll extend the offer) - simply add the voucher code "Lockdown" when you check out and we'll automatically remove the equivalent of half your postage cost!