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Posted on Fri, 11 September 2020 by Phil Mussell - General News, Coin News, Medal News

We all know the "rule of six" is being brought in to England on Monday, September 14 but how will that affect Coin and Medal fairs? Well according to government guidelines only socialising in groups of more than six is forbidden, venues are allowed to remain open as long as groups within them don't become larger than seven or more people. In other words, you can go to a restaurant and sit on a table of six people, with ten other groups of six people around you, but you cannot go into a restaurant if there are seven of you on one table.

This then should allow coin and medal fairs to keep going, just as long as no more than six people crowd around a table at any one time. Needless to say it's not that simple and undoubtedly there will be a raft of other rules organisers have to follow such as one way systems, pre-registration etc. but it seems that this new "rule of six" shouldn't cause too many problems for those shows that are hoping to get back up and running soon. 

Keep checking this website, and the websites of fair organisers for details though as you just never know...!