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Heroes of the Albert Medal

Posted on Thu, 9 October 2003 by Phil Mussell - Medal News

Created by Royal Warrant in 1866, originally for saving life at sea, the Albert Medal is often thought of as a purely civilian award but of course over the years many from the Army, Navy or Air Force have risked their lives to save others whilst not "in the face of the enemy" and so earned the decoration.

"Heroes of the Albert Medal" recounts the actions of the men and women of the armed services (who did not survive to exchange their Medal for the George Cross in 1971) who were thus decorated and is both an interesting factual reference work and a riveting insight into just how brave mere mortals can sometimes be.

"On the second of August 1918 Private McLaughlin, in the course of his duty, was examining a Stokes Mortar Shell in a gunpit in which were nine other men and abaout 150 Stokes shells, when the striker of the shell gave way and ignited the fuse, timed to explode in thirteen seconds. McLaughlin warned the others and, taking the shell with him ran from the pit.........the shell exploded as Mclaughlin was throwing it clear and blew off his hand. It is stated that his action undoubtedly saved the lives of all the men in the pit"

"Heroes of the Albert Medal" is available from this site now.