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Don’t worry. We’ve got you.

Posted on Mon, 6 April 2020 by Phil Mussell - General News, Coin News, Medal News

We at Token are still very much up and running (following government guidelines of course, everyone is bring kept safe we promise) and we are still producing COIN NEWS and MEDAL NEWS just as we always do. We realise that a lot of the usual shops aren't open for you to buy your copy but we can always send you the latest issue through the post. You don't need to subscribe, you can buy a one off copy from us! 

if you do subscribe and are worried what will happen if we can't produce the magazine any more well don't! We can work remotely to produce the magazine and, if our printers can print it, we'll get it to you! If our printers are no longer able to operate we'll carry on producing a digital magazine for those who can access it AND simply credit your subscription with however many physical issues we miss. If you've paid for 12 months of actual magazines you'll get 12 months of actual magazines, you'll just get the digital ones in the middle as a bonus! 

So don't worry, we're still here and are still going. We promise!!