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Thrupenny oops

Posted on Fri, 8 November 2019 by Phil Mussell - Coin News

Some of you may have read in the Daily Telegraph recently that the Royal Mint are to give away up to one million silver threepenny pieces in a bid to stimulate coin collecting which, the newspaper says, is in danger of dying in this digital age. Well, two things, firstly coin collecting is actually stronger than ever (as evidenced by the popularity of Peter Rabbit and friends) and the Royal Mint is doing nothing of the sort...


It's actually the London Mint Office that has put together the promotion and they don't think coin collecting is dying either, they just want to encourage more people to take up the hobby, nothing more than that. Just goes to show you shouldn't believe everything the mainstream media tells you... (even if they do change their website pretty sharpish when the mistake is pointed out!)