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Coin Survey

Posted on Sat, 30 July 2016 by Phil Mussell - Coin News

We have been asked by New View Market Services to help with their survey of the coin hobby - we are happy to do so!

Press and keep a Silver Round Pound

The opportunity to press and keep your own Silver Round Pound during a VIP Tour of the Royal Mint for the winner in a new Online Survey Those completing the survey will automatically be entered into Prize draw.

The short survey aims to identify what motivates hobbyists to collect, and what more service providers can do to better meet collector’s needs. Starting with the Numismatists, Market Analysis and Research Company, New View Market Services Ltd have negotiated with the Royal Mint a VIP Visit to the Llantrisant site where the prize draw winner (plus 1) will have the opportunity to meet with Designers and the Curators of the Royal Mint Museum – and to press their own Silver Round Pound. Bed and Breakfast will also be provided by New View at a nearby hotel.

To enter the Prize Draw please complete the survey at remembering to leave your contact details in order to enter the draw. The survey will be closed on 14/10/16 at 8.00am Terms and Conditions apply and can be found at