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Naval Gold Medal at Bonhams

Posted on Fri, 18 March 2016 by Phil Mussell - General News, Medal News

Auctioneers Bonhams have secured the exceptionally rare Naval Gold Medal of Admiral Lord Graves, Captain of the HMS The Royal Sovereign, struck to commemorate the Victory of the Glorious First of June. The battle, the culmination of months of indecisive skirmishing between the British Navy and the Atlantic Fleet of Revolutionary France, has long been recognised as a turning point in the Revolutionary War as it resulted in the French Fleet being blockaded in the Port of Brest until the end of the Revolutionary wars in 1802. The Medal is one of only seven struck for the battle and is being sold with seven log/letter books charting Graves’s career and a Lloyds presentation trophy in the form of a twin-handled silver-gilt cup in recognition of the Admiral’s gallant conduct on the ‘ever memorable 1st of June 1794’. It is expected to fetch between £140,000-160,000 when it comes up for sale next Wednesday (March 23).

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