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Volume 36, Number 11, November 1999

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Volume 36, Number 11, November 1999

WE ARE rapidly approaching the end of the Millennium (notwithstanding those who will correctly state that the new century doesn't begin until 2001, we are going with the flow and celebrating this December 31) and with it comes the inevitable backwards glance at the history that has brought us to this point.. Along with this retrospection comes the nostalgia, and currently the great British public are being asked to name their favourite in many fields. Poetry, song lyrics, jokes, comedy MANAGING EDITOR sketches, television moments, sporting events and a host of others have all been in the public eye, but what of other more tangible aspects of history, what do the public think of them? Numismatically our history is a rich one, with vast changes since the first coins crossed from the continent, culminating in the coinage we have today with it's computer-aided designs, new metals and new finishes. But are today's coins with the weight of technology behind them necessarily favourites with collectors? Or are the ancient coins of the Celts with their crude representations more favoured? Is the beauty of a gold noble more prized than that of the Gothic florin? Is the originality of a Newark Siege piece more favoured than the hologram of the bi-metallic £2? We at COIN NEWS want to know what you think, we want to find out what our readers' favourite coin or series of coins is and why they hold such affection for them. Of course we fully expect collectors to nominate coins of the period they collect, but that may not always follow. We are sure that a milled devotee can appreciate the beauty of an Elizabethan pound and an ancients collector can wonder at and admire the work that went into Una and the Lion. But it doesn't matter what period's coins you nominate, or indeed which country's (foreign coins can be favourites tool), as long as you choose something. We want to know what your favourite coin (or series) is and most importantly why-why do you consider one coin to be more beautiful or interesting than another? Why does one coin hold sway when another leaves you cold? We want to hear from everybody and on page 54 you will find a voting form that let's you have your say (we are quite happy to hear from non-collectors too-ask your friends and family, get them to nominate their favourite) and then over the coming months we will be featuring some of the coins that you like the most. Please bear in mind that we are particularly interested in the numismatic and aesthetic aspects of your choice, we all appreciate that financially a hammered gold piece will be preferred to a modern commemorative cupro-nickel proof but is that the only reason for the former to become a favourite? We would hope not, and whilst monetary concerns are a legitimate reason for choosing a coin we are sure are readers are far more original than that and look forward to reading your nominations with interest. .

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