Coin News

Volume 40, Number 10, October 2003

The Wars of the Roses

Volume 40, Number 10, October 2003

Thank you I have a confession to make; when we first announced the idea of producing a commemorative medallion to mark Token Publishing’s 20th Anniversary this year, I honestly believed that we would get a mere handful of responses – not, I hasten to add, because I don’t believe COIN NEWS readers capable of producing great designs but rather because “commemoratives” aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and after all this was a somewhat self indulgent request. Or so I thought. Happily you proved me very wrong on both counts, not only did dozens of you take the time to sit down and produce some very very good designs but still more of you were kind enough to send in your messages of goodwill, congratulations and support at our reaching this milestone. Since establishing the company in the dark days of the Early eighties (remember that recession) I have always tried to run it with one aim in mind – to encourage collectors and help the hobby of coin collecting grow (after all it’s a win/win situation for Token if we can achieve that – the more people who collect coins the more people will buy the magazine!) and in order to achieve that aim I have always been careful to do my best to produce a magazine that the readers will want to pick up and read month after month. Certainly it isn’t always possible to please all of the people all of the time and I’m sure there will be those of you out there who would want to see more articles on Ancients and less on bank notes or more on bank notes and less on hammered etc etc but that is the nature of the hobby and I know that the readers who are still with me after twenty years understand that the diversity of coin collecting means that every month there will inevitably be some subjects covered and some not. Fortunately that doesn’t seem to matter to the thousands of you who read COIN NEWS every month for you are a very loyal bunch; not only have you stuck by the magazine through all its ups and downs over the past two decades but you also seem to want to get involved with the things that we do. You buy the magazine, you buy our books, you enter our competitions and, it seems, want to help us celebrate our anniversaries – as has been so wonderfully demonstrated recently. With this “loyalty” in mind we have decided that not only do we want one of our readers to have produced the winning design but we would also like all our other readers to help choose just what that design should be – and so we have drawn up a shortlist of five of the best designs we have received and want you to vote for the one you like the best. The five have been chosen as much for their concept, originality of thought and practicality (we had some wonderful designs submitted that just simply would not work once struck) as their artistic merit, and I hope you will agree that all are worthy of “winning” – however only one can and once all the votes are in and counted and a design has been chosen we plan to have enough of the medallions struck to allow every reader of COIN NEWS and MEDAL NEWS to add one to their collections – just another way of saying “thank you” to you all – you deserve it.

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