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Yate? Not for us - but you can still go!Sun, 14 January 2018
Because we are at the York Coin and Medal Fair on Friday January 19 and Saturday January 20 we can't quite get to Yate on Sunday 21st but just because we aren't there doesn't mean you can't go!

The show starts at 9.30am and even though we can't make it we are pretty sure there will be a...
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Time for YorkSun, 24 December 2017
Our first UK show of 2018 (we'll be in New York early January) is "Old" York when we once again visit the Knavesmire Stand at York Racecourse for the Stamp and Coin Fair (there are medals too!) on Friday January 19 - Saturday January 20. The York show is definitely one of our favourites and there's...
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Una and the LionFri, 22 December 2017
Thinking ahead

SINCE last month’s Editorial “Comment” I have received a number of (not for publication) letters and emails explaining the reason why you, the readers, collect coins and I was quite surprised at how many of you admit to collecting as some kind of investment. You see coins...
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Recognition for BraveryTues, 5 December 2017
Looking ahead

AFTER much fevered speculation (OK, it wasn’t that fevered but questions were being asked) the Orders and Medals Research Society (OMRS) have announced that the 2018 Convention will take place in the East Midlands City of Nottingham. Convention moved out of London in 2016...
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Coins for ChristmasTues, 5 December 2017
Just because

AT A RECENT local social gathering I was asked, as one often is, what my interests were —when I replied “coin collecting” I expected one of three usual responses: either the glazed-over eyes accompanied by the fixed smile, a “that’s interesting” and a quick subject change;...
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Embassy SiegeTues, 31 October 2017
Who gets what?

ONE of the big medal-related stories this past month has been the decision to introduce a new Operational Service Medal (OSM) for Operation Shader (service in Iraq and Syria against IS/Daesh/ISIS/ISIL) as announced by Secretary of State for Defence Sir Michael Fallon (see...
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Iron Age HoardTues, 31 October 2017
Facing reality

THE MOST recent offerings from the Royal Mint—a series of coins with two different designs celebrating the Platinum Wedding of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Philip (see page 29)—have caused something of a stir in numismatic circles. Now the fact that they...
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About Us

Established in 1983 we are a small company of 11 employees based in Exeter in Devon. We don’t have a shop per se but anyone who is in the area is welcome to come in and visit us at any time that we’re open – see our Contact Us page for details.

As well as our magazines and yearbooks we have published a wide range of other titles on coins, medals and military history all of which are available from us via this website, mail order or from our premises. Of particular note are the acclaimed “HONOUR THE…” series of books that have proved absolutely essential to family and military historians and collectors from all over the world. In addition we also stock a huge number of titles from other leading numismatic and medallic publishers – including books from Spink, Krause (we carry all of the Standard Catalogues of World coins and Paper Money), Greenlight and many more. We don’t only have books and magazines in stock though – we also have a huge range of accessories to help make your hobby a little easier – anything from albums to tweezers, from coin envelopes to scales – we stock it all!