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Britannia still rules

It was eight years ago that TOKEN PUBLISHING took over the Britannia medal show to keep it from closing and this weekend we will be delighted to attend the inaugral DNW Britannia show at the Victory Services Club, Seymour Street just off Edgeware Road, London. 

DNW have taken over the show, much as we did, to keep it from closing and they are doing it very much with the hobby in mind, charging neither for tables nor for the public to get in. They deserve our full support so if you're in London on Sunday, or even anywhere near close, then come along from 9.30am! 

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Features include: numismatic news; a "what's on" section that lets collectors know about fairs, societies, auctions etc.; an "ancients" section; "market scene" - where you can find out what has been happening in the sale rooms; information on tokens; numismatic book reviews; a banknote section and a directory that allows readers to see what lists the main dealers are offering that month.

Latest Issue

The front cover of Coin News, November 2018 - Volume 55, Number 11

Lady at the top

Volume 55, Number 11 / November 2018

Jolly good show THIS year saw the 40th Anniversary of the British Numismatic Trade Association’s (BNTA) flagship coin show, Coinex. In recent years the event has been held at the Millennium Hotel, Grosvenor Square, in the heart of Mayfair but this year that hotel is being refurbished and so a new home needed to be found for the 2018 extravaganza, which the organisation promised would be their biggest ever. When the new venue was announced as being County Hall, the erstwhile home of Ken Livingstone and the GLC, nestled on the banks of the Thames just by Westminster Bridge and the London...

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Medals & Military History

The worlds' only independent magazine devoted to medals and battles. Published 10 times per year, the magazine features articles, news, auction reports and the world renowned Medal Tracker service, invaluable when searching for lost medals and trying to re-unite broken groups. This service, like the classified advertising, is free to subscribers. Also included is the "what's on" section that lets collectors know about fairs, societies, auctions etc.

Latest Issue

The front cover of Medal News, November 2018 - Volume 56, Number 10

100 Years on: We Will Remember Them

Volume 56, Number 10 / November 2018

We will remember them AS WE go to press we learn that Cambridge University Students’ Union has voted down a proposal to promote this year’s Remembrance Day commemorations, believing that to do so would be to somehow glorify war. Apparently some wonderfully right-on student “activist” instead put forward an amendment calling for references to British veterans, Remembrance Day and poppies all to be removed from the proposal, insisting that the day should instead be used to “reshape remembrance away from the glorification and valorisation of war” because all lives lost and affected by war...

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Latest News

Stop thief

<p><strong><u>MEDALS STOLEN IN SIDMOUTH DEVON OCTOBER 2018</u></strong></p> <p>The following medal group was taken from a private residence in Sidmouth Devon in October 2018.</p> <p>MBE (1<sup>st</sup> type)</p> <p>DCM (awarded 1901)</p> <p>Kings Police Medal for Gallantry (awarded...

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Yate? Yep!

<p>Don't forget the Yate (Bristol) medal fair on Sunday November 25 - it's our "local" fair so we will definitely be there at the Yate Leisure Centre, Kennedy Way BS37 4DQ from 9.30am! We will have all the old favourites with us (why not treat yourself to a Medal Yearbook for Christmas?) but if...

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Rule Britannia

<p>Don't forget the Britannia Medal Fair on Sunday, November 18 (9.30 am - 2.00pm). Held at the usual venue of the Victory Services Club, 63/79 Seymour Street, London W2 2HF.</p> <p>This is the first show run by auctioneers DNW (under the experienced direction of Mark Carter) and it is TOTALLY...

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