Talana- Account and Medal Roll

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Talana- Account and Medal Roll The Battle of Talana Hill (or Battle of Dundee) was the first major battle between the British and the Boers. In this new work David Biggins, author of two previous books on the Boer War - an account of the Battle of Elandslaagte and a similar work detailing the Siege of Kimberley- looks at the battle that gave the Boers hope and made the British realise that the South African farmers were a force to be reckoned with and that perhaps victory in this war might not be the easy task they had first envisaged.
The book itself is both an account of the battle, and its aftermath, and a roll of those who took part – including all of those who received the “Talana” clasp for the Queen’s South Africa Medal - as well as lists of those British and Colonial forces killed, wounded or taken prisoner during the battle. It also includes a list of the 49 Boers killed at Talana. Also featured are numerous, hitherto unpublished, photographs and personal accounts of the events before, during and after the battle, a battle that both sides considered to be a victory.

ISBN: 978 1870192 989