Honour to the Airborne Parts 1 and 2

Price - 10.00

Honour to the Airborne Parts 1 and 2 We have recently taken stock of the remaining copies of Dave Buxton's excellent "Honour to the Airborne" Volumes 1 and 2.

Volume 1 looks at the honours and awards to the Airborne forces (Glider Pilots, Paras, Air Landing Brigade Etc) in World War II whilst volume 2 covers awards made to members of the SAS 1939-45.

The first volume - by far the bigger of the two - is hardback with dust jacket and was originally published by Liverpool Medal Company. Volume 2 was privately produced and is a smaller softcover publication - we're currently offering them BOTH for just £12 an absolute bargain and not to be missed!

Please note that stocks of Volume 2 are very limited so if you want both you had better be quick....

Order your copies today.