Forgotten Heroes - The Charge of the Light Brigade

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Forgotten Heroes - The Charge of the Light Brigade **Now updated to include additional research, new chargers, photographs etc.**

This book really is a masterpiece and an absolute must have for anyone interested in the Crimea or this famous action.

It's absolutely full of info about the Charge and the Chargers -including photographs; Date of Birth and Date of Death; medal and clasp entitlement (even when the medals last came up for sale and how much they made) - which rolls/books they can be found in (i.e whether they are confirmed Chargers according to Lummis & Wynn/Crider/ Brighton/Sewell). What dinners they attended, which group photos they appeared in etc etc.

Chargers listed by Regiment and alphabetically along with information about the charge itself.

At over 420 pages, in hardback with only a limited print run you'd be forgiven for thinking that this book would retail at near £50 but in fact it's half that - a real bargain. Order yours today.

Please note that due to overwhelming demand we are now only able to offer the second printing of this book which comes with a printed paper case and not the dust jacket of the original printing. It's still a hardback and still has all the same info - just no dust jacket!

Published 2007; author Roy Dutton; 418 pp.

ISBN: 978-0-9556554-0-1