Staffordshire Regimental Museum Stolen Medals

Posted on Mon, 28 April 2014 by Phil Mussell
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As per page 8 of this month's MEDAL NEWS here is the list of Staffordshire Regimental Medals that were stolen some 40 years ago....


John Raynor, 38th, 1 MGS with Corunna, Salamanca;               

Wm Clarke, 38th, 1 MGS with Busaco, Badajoz, St Sebastian;

J Clarke, 38th, 1 Army of India with Ava;

Wm Staines, 98th, 1 China 1842 (none);

John Mitchell, 80th, 1 Sutlej (Moodkee 1845) with Ferozeshuhur, Sobraon;

John Morris, 98th, 1 Punjab (none);

Pte James Owen, 80th, 1 India GS with Pegu;

1944 Pte James Fox, 38th, 1 Crimea with Alma, Inkerman, Sebastopol;

J Lineham, 38th, 1 Turkish Crimea Sardinian issue. Privately engraved;

T Browne, 64th, 1 India GS with Persia, Possibly a “J”;

Serjt J Hagerty, 64th, 2 India GS with Persia, Indian Mutiny with Defence of Lucknow, Possibly “Hegarty”;

64525 Pte John Vaughan, 64th, 1 Indian Mutiny with Relief of Lucknow;

J Kibble, 38th, 1 Indian Mutiny with Lucknow;

Serjt Jas Goodenough, 80th, 1 Indian Mutiny with Central India;

2909 Sergt H Chornhill, 98th, 1 India GS with NWF, Possibly “Cornhill”;

3859 J Archer, 80th, 1 India IGS with Bhootan;

2002 Pte W Thompson, 80th, 1 India GS with Perak;

583 Pte G Longstaff, 80th, 1 South Africa with 1878-9;

1732 Corporal F Rodgers, 1/SSR, 1 Egypt with Nile 1884-85 / Abu Klea, 1 Khedive Star, Possibly “Rogers”;

457 L/Corp T Perry, 1/SSR, 1 Egypt with Nile 1884-85 / Kirbekan;

3956 Pte S Ward, 1/NSR, 2 Queen’s Sudan and Khedive Sudan with Hafir;

68982 Lcpl H Leese, NSR, 1 India GS with Afghanistan NWF 1919;

2834 Pte J Jebson, NSR, 1 Queen’s SA with Cape C, Orange FS, T’vaal;

3485 Pte E Davies, SSR, 1 Queen’s SA with Cape C, T’vaal, Witt’berg;

3867 Pte A Rolston, SSR, 1King’s SA with SA 1901, SA 1902;

2300 Silas Hobber, 64th, 1 Army LS&GC Medal;

Miss Lillian Scott, manageress of Garrison Institute at the Barracks Civil, 1 British Empire Medal;

10521 QM Sgt. E. Walker, 7/South Staffords, 4 DCM, 1914-15 trio;

9617 Sgt & Cpl G Swift, 1 and 2/SSR, 4 MM and 1914 trio;

Major F H Gunner, SSR, 5 DSO, 1914 trio with Mons bar and MID, WW2 Defence Medal.               


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