1 in 36....

Posted on Tues, 27 July 2010 by Phil Mussell
Posted in: Coin News, General News

No not the odds of your number coming up in Roulette but rather the estimated number of £1 coins in circulation according to the Telegraph today (July 27). I've always been sceptical of such numbers - after all they are compiled by people who actually monitor £1 coins - and a lot of those are vending machine companies. Why does that make a difference? Well think for a minute - where would you try and palm off a fake if you were unlucky enough to have one? To a shopkeeper or in a machine? Exactly - which gives a skewed view of what's actually happening. Interesting story though -and it keeps coins in the news - have a look at it here


I think the idea of a complete scrapping of the current £1 coin is a bit far fetched- but I've been wrong before...


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