New £20 unveiled

Posted on Tues, 13 March 2007 by Phil Mussell
Posted in: Banknote News, General News
New £20 unveiled Today (March 13th) sees the release of the new 20, replacing, in due course, the Elgar notes first put into circulation eight years ago. The new note, featuring Scottish economist Adam Smith has a host of new security features - including a holographic security strip - and boasts a more modern, some say European, design.

It is of course the first time that a Scotsman has appeared on a Bank of England note and we are sure that the fact that Smith was born in Kirkacaldy, Fife part of what is now the Parliamentary constituency of Gordon Brown our potential next PM is pure coincidence.....

The colouring is different too - with more purple and blue than mauve. It is, we are certain, going to raise a few eyebrows!


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