Upham's VC and Bar sold

Posted on Tues, 14 November 2006 by Phil Mussell
Posted in: General News, Medal News
It has been reported that one of only three VC and Bars ever awarded - that to Captain Charles Upham - has been bought from the family by the Imperial War Museum - but they won't come over to the UK but rather have been loaned to the New Zealand Army Museum for permanent display.

There has been much speculation regarding the fate of Upham's group after the family were reportedly offered $3.3million but were told by the New Zealand Government that the medals could not leave the country. The NZ Government then counter-offered with just $1million, angering the family. This solution, which sees the family gaining the full market value whilst keeping the Medals in New Zealand does seem to be a decent compromise, however the New Zealand Press Authority does report that a private Collector from Britain (I wonder who...?!) was prepared to pay up to $9million


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