Stratford on Sunday

Posted on Mon, 6 March 2017 by Phil Mussell
Posted in: General News, Medal News
It's the first Stratford Medal Show of 2017 and we are very much looking forward to it!

Held as always at the Stratford Leisure Centre in the very heart of the town (with excellent parking - for those of you who attended the OMRS is next door to that venue) the show is a firm favourite amongst collectors and dealers alike. .

It starts at 9.30am for the "early bird" (that means it's an extra 1 to get in, the price drops at 10.30am but come on - it's only 1!) and finishing officially at 2pm (although most dealers are packing up before then) it's well worth a trip - there's always plenty on offer and if nothing else we'll be there!


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