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Queen of Coins

Queen of Coins New Year, New Start BACK in November I announced that after 17 Years in ”Orchard House” in Honiton, Token Publishing was on the move to Exeter. After a somewhat fraught two weeks where nearly two decades of books and auction catalogues stubbornly refused to fit into our new premises, our telephone… Read more or leave comments Posted on Tues, 22 December 2015 by Alyson Thomas
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Napoleons Egyptian Campaign

Napoleons Egyptian Campaign A timely reminder THE recent Aldershot Medal Fair had a superb collection of medals on offer, as Mark Carter’s fairs always do, however, there was one group on display that knocked all others into a cocked hat. It wasn’t on display on a dealer’s table, and it wasn’t being offered by an auctioneer… Read more or leave comments Posted on Fri, 4 December 2015 by Phil Mussell
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