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November 2000, Volume 37 No. 11
UNBELIEVABLE though it may seem, the festive season is nearly here and with it comes the inevitable "So what do you want this year?" For other hobbyists the answer is often easy - "Just something to add to my collection" . . . but with numismatists it is never that black and white. Coin collecting is a very subjective hobby and asking someone else to buy our coins for us is often unthinkable-we like to hold our prospective purchases, study them under a glass or under different light, we like to take time to make up our minds, like to weigh up the pros and cons. To expect a loved one to be able to make the kind of decisions we often find so difficult is nigh on impossible. So if they can't buy coins for us what can they buy?

In the third of our "Collectors Choice" brochures which you will find inserted with this issue of COIN NEWS, we are offering a range of recently-published books for the numismatist. We have included titles from our tried and trusted Coin Yearbook to the long awaited Roman Coins and their Values by David Sear and the old stalwarts from Krause Publications (especially the four volume Standard Catalogue of World Coins and the three volume "Pick" Standard Catalogue of World Paper Money) every area is covered. For a perfect Christmas gift just indicate the item you want, fill in the form and leave the brochure in an obvious place around the home - someone will take the hint!

Our previous "Collectors Choice" brochures have proved very successful and whilst this time we have concentrated mainly on books we are more than happy to look at including other accessories, gifts, etc., in the next issue which will be available in the spring. Just which items will go in will depend to a large extent on what you want-we are here to help the hobby of coin collecting and to help our readers with their hobby whenever we can and as such are happy to provide anything (numismatics-related that is!) that you would like to see, but unless we know what you want we cannot supply it. With this in mind drop us a line, call us or e-mail us with what you would like to see in the next issue of "Collectors Choice" - we'll do our best to help.

John Mussell .

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