August 2001, Volume 38 No. 8
Ask anyone about the late twentieth/early twenty-first century and the words internet or world wide web will inevitably come up. Without a doubt the internet has changed many aspects of our lives forever and whilst there are still those who have yet to go “on-line” many of us wouldn’t know what to do without that ritual of logging on, checking our emails and surfing for news, bargains etc. Of course like any medium the web is only as good as its content and there are some pretty shoddy sites waiting for the unsuspecting surfer, sights built by so-called technical experts who have no idea at all, they take ages to download, contain pictures or animation of too high resolution that the browser cannot cope with, are irrelevant or are hideously out of date. Others are game efforts, often built in the earlier days of the internet when nobody was really sure what was needed or wanted, they are good to look at occasionally but stagnate after a while. Still others however are sites you want to go back to time after time, they contain useful information, excellent products and the latest news about the company which they represent and its field of expertise; at Token Publishing we believe we have just such a site – the newly launched www.tokenpublishing.com . We have actually had a “web presence” since late 1996 – one of the first in British Numismatics to do so – and had our own website built in early 1998 however like so many early sites it was a mere shop window and whilst useful to get to new people did little for our existing readers. That has now changed with the new venture. Split into three sections the site has something for everybody. The “Token Publishing” section contains overall information about the company, latest general news (updated regularly), contact details, advertising rates and data and those ubiquitous “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs) that are the bane of a coin dealer’s (or publisher’s) life and yes the one about the £2 coin is there! The MEDAL NEWS section contains information about our Medal and Military related products and includes news relevant to that side of the hobby whilst the COIN NEWS section is a veritable treasure chest of items for the numismatist. We have the latest news specific to coin and banknote collectors, this is updated regularly and will include the venues where the Token team will be exhibiting; details of the latest issue of the magazine, a complete catalogue of back issues dating back to May 1998 and a very large selection of the latest numismatic books including our own titles and the Krause and Pick Standard Catalogs – all of which can be purchased through the new secure server, as of course can a year’s subscription to either magazine. But don’t take my word for it pay www.tokenpublishing.com a visit today, you will find it quite a change from our last site and I can guarantee that won’t be disappointed.

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Demand for Celtic Grows
Chris Rudd surveys the Market for Celtic Coins
Feature Article24
Queen Anne's coins
The last of the Stuarts
Rufus the Red
Coinage of William II
Paranumismatics II
A look at some common counters
Coin Search33
Detecting on the Net
Using the web as a tool
Out & About34
A Cornish Festival
Australia's Mining Celebrations
Some token oddities
Tokens that don't fit in
Banknote Feature42
Papermoney of Afghanistan II
Note issues since 1963
On the Fringe47
400 years of forgery
Fantasy shekels for Pilgrims
Reader Offer49
New Software for the Collector


Coin News & Views8
New issues update14
Market scene17
Banknote News39
Banknote New issues update40
Dealers' Lists50
Price Guide to Sovereigns52
Coin Clinic55
Readers' Letters55
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