Royal Memories

September 2002, Volume 39 No. 9
THE Royal Mint have unveiled the design for the crown which will be
issued in commemoration of the life of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the
Queen Mother. Apart from the Monarch no-one has ever been commemorated
as the main subject on so many coins as this remarkable lady. The coin,
a £5 38 millimeter diameter crown-sized piece is to be struck in
cupro-nickel and issued for general circulation on September 22. But as
we all know and have come to accept, the “crown” is no longer a
circulating coin and most of them will vanish into sideboard drawers,
cupboards and cabinets, along with the previous issues that commemorated
her 80th, 90th and 100th birthdays and of course, the other pieces
marking other Royal personalities and public events.
However, the important point is that every member of the public will
have the opportunity of owning a piece of history and of keeping a
souvenir of a lovely person. We understand that the coins will also be
available in special editions for collectors. There is a gold version
which is to be severely limited to just 3,000 worldwide, priced at £555
each, and a sterling silver version of 25,000 pieces priced at £34.50.
Without doubt, given the popularity of the Queen Mother, this small
issue is certain to sell out in no time. In keeping with the Royal
Mint’s previous practice a small quantity of the cupro-nickel coins will
also be available in a specially-produced illustrated pack priced at
£9.95. These coins will have been specially selected from the production
run and should be literally FDC. The cu-ni coin is, naturally, to be
made available at post offices and banks at its face value but, be
warned these will not be in pristine condition as by the time they reach
your hands they will have been handled many times and no doubt rubbed
shoulders with their neighbours, giving them edge knocks, scratches and
bag marks. If they are destined for the sideboard drawer as a simple
souvenir of a special lady that is fine, but if they are to grace the
collections of the future, I know which I would opt for!
The coin carries the familiar effigy of Her Majesty the Queen by Ian
Rank-Broadley on the obverse whilst the reverse carries a portrait of
the Queen Mother by Avril Vaughan , the artist who designed the reverse
portrait for the crown issued to commemorate the HM the Queen’s 70th
birthday in 1996. The portrait, as can be seen on our front cover this
month, shows the Queen Mother in her later years. Coins paying homage to
the Queen Mother have been produced by a number of Commonwealth
countries and many of them have chosen to depict her in early life.
Australia was the first to depict her as a young woman, surrounded by
the now famous rose that bears her name, “Elizabeth of Glamis”. Many of
these coins are featured on our “New issues update” pages this month and
hopefully we will be bringing news of other coins as they are announced.
Whether you choose to collect all of the coins or just stick to the UK
issue, whether you will collect all the different metals and finishes,
whether you spend a fortune on amassing the whole series or simply
decide to ferret away a couple in the sideboard drawer, you can rest
assured that the theme is enduring and in years to come you will be able
to look at them and have a personal reminder of the lady that was
“everybody’s favourite grandmother”.

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