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Chaplains at DNWMon, 25 September 2017
Don't forget the big DNW sale this Wednesday and Thursday - with a very nice collection of Chaplains medals coming up on day two - happy bidding!
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Next up on the fair circuitMon, 25 September 2017
Following the Orders and Medals Research Society Convention and Coinex we have a little break from the fairs then it's back with Stratford upon Avon on October 22 (Medals); London Coin Fair on November 4 (er, coins) and Aldershot the following day (Medals) - more details nearer the time!
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Britannia RulesMon, 25 September 2017
Worth noting

THE big news in the past few weeks has, of course, been the launch of the new polymer £10 featuring writer Jane Austen (who was “waiting quietly in the wings” for her note debut, regardless of the feminist lobby who are STILL claiming credit for her appearance). The reason...
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Portrait of a LadyThurs, 7 September 2017
Pastures new

FOLLOWING the Editorial in the June/July issue the bullet has been bitten, the mind made up—it’s time for a new theme . . . ! I have, for some time now been at something of a crossroads with my collecting. I am, at heart, a true collector, an accumulator and it is the...
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Challenging timesTues, 29 August 2017
Cashing in

THERE have been some very interesting stories in the press and on-line recently about the rise of electronic payments and the apparent demise of cash. It seems that in the western world at least the trend towards cashless payments shows no sign of abating and whether people...
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TalaveraWed, 2 August 2017
to follow
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Literary LegendTues, 25 July 2017
A new chapter

AS we went to press last month a news release came in regarding the equity investment in Sovereign Rarities Ltd by none other than that most prestigious of numismatic institutions—The Royal Mint (COIN NEWS July, page 16). We managed to change a few things around and led...
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